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“We contacted Aeroseal Solutions to help us with one of the rooms in our home that’s been extremely cold this winter. It was the room furthest from the furnace that we were trying to use as a home office. Even with additional layers of clothing and a space heater it was still too cold and uncomfortable.

On the day of the job they laid down runners for the walkways and drop down cloths for where the machines. Everything was very well organized as they got everything prepared and sealed off all the registers to perform the diagnostic test. As it turns out our home was leaking 389 CFM. They were very confident that they could bring it down and surely enough they were able to bring it down to just 40 CFM.

Once they were finished they dismantled the equipment and cleaned up the work areas. When we fired up the furnace and went back to that room the improvement in the amount of airflow coming out of that register was very noticeable. I can’t wait to start making use of the office again without the space heaters and extra layers. Thanks for a job well done!”

— David, Mississauga

“A big thanks goes out to Roger and his team at Aeroseal Solutions. We were having an issues with two of the rooms furthest from the furnace not getting enough airflow. We tried taping up the ductwork we could see in the basement to see if that would help but it didn’t make much of a difference. After some research online we found out about Aeroseal. We called them in to do a diagnostic test to determine the level of leakage first. The test took about 4 hours to complete and at the end of it we learnt that there was close to 300 CFM of leakage. Based on this high value we felt it made sense to get our ducts sealed. The process took another one or so and they were done. They were able to bring it down to 30 CFM. We could feel the change in airflow immediately and within a few hours the temperature was noticeably higher.”

— Kelly, Toronto

“We’d been having some issues with the temperature of the second floor and especially one of the bathrooms. After trying all of the DIY methods on the internet to improve the airflow we decided it was time to find a real fix. We had previously looked into getting a new furnace but the costs were too high considering our current one was still working but just not well enough. We called up Aeroseal Solutions and scheduled an appointment for one of their diagnostic tests. Their team arrived on time and got right to work. The set-up took a while but I can appreciate that they were very careful and took their time. Once the setup was completed they ran the diagnostic test. I was pretty surprised to learn that there was over 250 CFM of leakage which equated to a 45 inch size hole in the ductwork. After seeing them set-up the equipment and run the tests I could tell they knew what they were doing. I gave them the go ahead to start the sealing process. I liked how I could watch the CFM leakage decrease in real time as the sealant started to work its way into the leaks. Eventually we reached only 15 CFM of leakage at which point they stopped the machine. Overall I was very happy with the service they provided. The true test was when we turned the furnace back on and I could not only feel the increase in airflow in all the upstairs registers but especially in the bathroom.”

— Wayne, Toronto

“We had a room that was too hot in the summer and has been especially cold this winter which was making it very uncomfortable for our daughter. We tried many different alternatives to fix this issue and turned to using space heaters to keep the temperature up, but found that it was starting to aggravate our daughter’s eczema. We tried the manual DIY method with aluminum tape but found that it made no difference at all. A friend of ours had their house sealed by Aeroseal Solutions and recommended them to us. At first we were concerned about the solution being used in the sealing process but Roger provided us with the MSDS sheet and handled our concerns with great care. He even sent us some case studies of its uses in hospitals and medical facilities which made us feel more comfortable. We decided to get it done and we’re so glad we did and only wish that we had gotten it done sooner. There is no longer a need for space heaters and our daughter can now sleep comfortably in her room. The rest of the house feels warmer as well. It also seems like we have less dust accumulating around the house which is an added bonus. I would recommend Aeroseal Solutions to anyone looking to have their ducts sealed.”

— John, Toronto

“We recently had the ducts in our home sealed with Aeroseal Solutions and have finally been able to fix the troublesome cold room in our house. No matter what we did the heat from the furnace just didn’t seem reach the rooms furthest from the furnace. I tried everything to resolve this issue from taping up visible holes, caulking around windows and even replacing the furnace but nothing worked. While online I came across a segment regarding hot and colds rooms on the Marilyn Dennis Show, where they showed the Aeroseal system being used to solve this same problem. I decided to give them a call and we setup an appointment to have them come out and do the tests. Our home had a surprising 226 CFM of leakage so we decided to get the seal done. They were able to bring it down to only 10 CFM which was a 96 % reduction in leakage. The improvement in airflow at the registers was the most impressive part of it though. I’ve never felt that much air come out of those registers before. I’ve also noticed that my furnace runs less frequently now which should also help me see some savings on my utility bills. I can’t wait to see how much of a difference it makes come summer when we start to run the air conditioner. Thank you Aeroseal Solutions for making a difference in our home and resolving this issue once and for all!”

— Lui, Brampton

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