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Upgrading and Installing a Toilet

Replacing an existing toilet is not a palatable task, but it is not impossible either. There are benefits to replacing your own toilet, even though the project may seem offensive to a few of the people. One of the major benefits that incentivizes people to replace and install their own new toilet is the proven fact that sometimes, the project can be finished in half a day or less. In reality the toughest part of toilet installation is carrying the old used toilet out the door to the garbage receptacle. Any person can replace and install a new toilet, so head to the store and start gathering your supplies!

Manifestly, you will need to buy a new toilet in order to replace an old one. Ensure you measure the space where your present toilet is found and plan to get a new toilet that may fit into this space. You'll need to buy a couple of other supplies too dependent on the project. You could need a new flange or a new wax ring for you toilet. Make sure that you get a flange and ring that is the perfect size for your toilet.

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Call a friend to help remove your old toilet and get the new toilet in place. Toilets are rather heavy objects and they do need to be situated exactly, so it's best to have somebody assist you with this project. Incidentally dropping the can could crack and mess it up.

First, take away the old toilet. Set it to one side. Replace the flange and the wax ring, if needed. Then get your buddy to help situate the new toilet bowl without delay over the bolts and the hole in the floor where the old toilet was situated. After you've successfully gotten the new toilet bowl in place over the drain hole in the floor, you'll have to secure the toilet to the floor and put the water tank in place on the back of the john.

Ultimately, you will have to attach the shut-off valve and supply pipe to your new toilet. This is a vital part of the toilet installation process because the supply pipe supplies water to the tank on your toilet. After you have successfully connected the water supply to your toilet, your toilet installation is complete. The new toilet is now installed. To complete the project officially, ask your mate to help you escort the old toilet out of the house. Home remodeling can be a difficult task, so make sure you plan ahead.

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Post Resources - Glad I came across these guys. - Once again, many thanks for giving the pics! - Your shots ended up being incredible.

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