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Using Stain on Wooden Features in Your House

Stain is fundamentally different than paint. Though both stain and paint can be applied to a surface employing a brush, stain would never be used to cover a wall surface made from drywall. Stain is a medium that is only to be used on wood. Stain permits the grain of the wood to show through whereas paint doesn't. Stain, like paint, comes in a selection of colors, however applying stain is a technique rather a lot different than the method used to apply paint.

Applying stain needs a few additional materials that aren't required when painting an object. When staining a chunk of furniture or any item made from wood, you'll want to have some painter's rags available. After you have applied the first coat of stain to the object, you'll need to use the painter's rags to get rid of any excess stain on the wood. The stain is mostly left to dry for a period of time and then, if the item should be darker in colour, another coat of stain is applied. One or two coats of stain can be applied to an item. The wood grain will still show through, which makes stain an interesting option for plenty of projects.

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Stain frequently has a strong smell to it. It can be tricky to sit in a room with a bit of furniture which has just been stained and is waiting to dry. If feasible, stain the item and then leave the room for a period to allow the stain to dry. Open a window and employ a fan to air out the room while the stain is drying.

When you finish marking your item, you'll need to use varnish to seal it properly. The varnish will protect it from stains manufactured by other substances. If you stain a low table and then your child spills a glass of grape juice on it, this stain will soak into the wood and you will need to sand it out.

Use polish to seal your project and stop new, unwelcome stains from happening. Varnishing the wood will finish off the project and make it tough as well as give a satin or glossy coat to the project. Use these nice tips during your next home remodeling project.

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