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uPVC Aluminium or Wooden Double Glazing?

Not all double glazed assemblies are created equal. It is interesting how the kind of window frame can affect the units overall performance, selling fee and carbon footprint.

uPVC, wood and aluminium are among the typical framing choices for double glazing. There are positive and negative points associated with each material, so even if you favour upvc double glazing for example, it makes sense to find out about all three materials before coming to a decision.

The uPVC is a stylish and cheap option. With some lasting up to 20 years, uPVC window frames are not difficult to maintain. At most, only regular cleaning is required to ensure that they remain in good condition. In addition to being an effective insulator, the material does not rot like wood or corrode like aluminum.

It is not without drawbacks though: uPVC can crack and discolor; it is impractical to repair and costly to recycle. The biggest issue with uPVC double glazing involves toxic waste generation and disposal.

For a clean, contemporary look, many homes and commercial buildings utilize aluminum window frames. The material is much costlier than uPVC, because for aluminium to be a good insulator, a thermal layer must be added to the double glazing set-up.

The extra cost may prove to be a good investment. Aluminium double glazed windows are light-weight, powerful, weather-resistant and good for the environment. With sufficient maintenance, the material can have a shelf life of 45 years. The issue is that aluminium can corrode and stain.

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Wooden double glazing units complement old-style homes the best. Wood is naturally effective at insulation and very good for the environment too. It can be repainted, mended, re-used and recycled. Solid timber may last up to 60 years.

The catch: Wooden frames are expensive and maintenance-intensive. They must be properly treated too. Untreated wood is not immune to cracking, crumbling, insect invasion and shrinking. You could be spending for a replacement much more frequently than you think.

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