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Introduction to Double Glazing

If you have a house with old single-pane windows, it makes sense to think about fitting new double glazed windows instead , for a number of reasons.

The primary virtue of double glazing is of course that it retains heat inside your house much more effectively than normal windows. That is an increasingly important factor, as domestic heating fuel continues to increase in price each year.

Other benefits are that double glazed windows keep noise out extremely effectively, (which can often be vital if you live near a busy road for instance), and they also offer much better security than old windows, so you are less likely to become a victim of burglary.

But how does double glazing work? Well the principle is very simple:Double glazed windows are composed of 2 panes of glass, separated by a gas (typically either air, or an inert gas like argon) which is sealed between them. Because the gas is very poor at conducting heat compared with glass, more heat is kept within your home which is great news, because you have probably paid a lot of cash for that heat!

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Most double glazed windows on sale today are uPVC that is to say, the frames are made from white plastic. This is a really sturdy material, which offers very low upkeep. UPVC windows are also the least expensive alternative. However , some people are becoming nervous about how the chemicals used in the manufacture of uPVC windows affect the environment. If that is a concern to you, or you simply don't like the way uPVC windows look, there are other choices.

Wooden frames are the most popular alternative option to uPVC (aluminium frames are also available). Wood is environmentally sound, many people would be inclined to say wood framed windows look better than uPVC ones (particularly in older buildings), and though they are still dearer than uPVC, the gap has narrowed lately. The primary downside of wood (apart from cost) is that it is not maintenance free requiring re-painting every few years to keep it in good shape.

Double glazing has turned into one of the most popular upgrades to homes in the last twenty years or so , and if your house doesn't have it, it's definitely something worth considering.

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