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Beetroot, fruit juice, wine & oils No, not your...

Beetroot, fruit juice, wine & oils No, not your shopping list but some may think the stone worktops nemesis. Some have said there are a few things out there, not many, that can stain a beautiful granite worktop and this is something that hurts us.

The problem is with you, the customer, sorry folks but it's true, at the very beginning when you get your worktop installed you'll treat it like another member of the family and you'll ensure that nothing harms the worktop or damages it. But like many things, that feeling starts to vanish over time and you'll begin to get slack with what happens to the worktop, this is when problems can begin. You will never stain granite, what can happen is when the sealer starts to break down over time the granite will have areas that become porous, liquid can find it's way into the stone between it's crystalline structure. This will appear as staining however with professional help or some trade knowledge you can draw the stain out.

If you've been unlucky and managed to get a staining liquid into the worktop you can follow these simple (trade secret) steps and rid your worktops of them.

Stains : Firstly it should be noted that if liquids have penetrated the surface you will need to re-seal your worktops AFTER you remove the stain NOT BEFORE.

  1. First you will need enough flour (any type of flour) to cover twice the area.
  2. Secondly you need the same amount of washing powder.
  3. Mix flour and washing powder very well.
  4. Add enough water to form a paste and ensure the washing powder has dissolved.
  5. Spread paste over the stain and surrounding area then cover with cling film sealing it to the worktop. This will allow the paste to do it's job slowly.
  6. Leave for 24 hrs.
  7. Wipe off the area and wash with warm water. Repeat if required.

As I said you will need to re-seal your worktops, get yourself a good care kit they are quite inexpensive compared to paying a professional to come out to remove an unwanted stain and re-seal the whole worktop.

Hope you found this helpful. I ought to point out this had been asked for by Chris with i Love renovations. of course always value ideas and comments.

Post Resources - Many thanks for the critique. I am just the most horrible speller. - Extremely pretty web site. - Amongst my personal favorites. - Thank you for the proofread. I am just the most terrible speller.

Posted in Home Improvement Post Date 12/11/2014






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