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Coating a Garage Floor

Here's a great weekend project that will make a big difference. Coating a garage floor makes the floor look great and it also adds a huge amount of safety that is normally not there with a hard, concrete floor. But there are some tips you need to know about in order to allow this job to go as smooth as possible. If you don't follow these suggestions then you can be assured that the results will not be up to your specifications.

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The first thing to do is to spary a layer of water on the surface and see what happens. If there is beading at a stain, which only means that grease or oil is still present, you should take the time to use a degreaser on it. Apply the degreaser to the stain and then use a stiff bristle broom to scrub it as much as possible. Rinse all the degreaser off. Then, scrub it with water and soap and perform the test again. You will need to keep on doing this step until there's no more water beads that show up.

There is another situation that can occur with this test. If almost the entire floor beads, but you can't see any spots, then a clear coat of sealer was probably sprayed on when the original slab was poured. In this case, you need to etch the concrete so that you can have a better bonding. This step is actually simple but you have to seriously take some precautions. The liquid that you use to etch the concrete is a solution of muriatic acid. You just pour on the acid, spread it around, and then let it sit as instructed by the manufacturer. Next, be sure to rinse it off completely and make sure that the run off will not come in contact with animals and plants.

If the floor has no beads, then you can leave the floor over night for drying. If the weather is not really warm, then it is recommended to use a floor heater in the garage so water dries out. The following day, the floor is prepared well for the coating application.

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