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The Ontario Energy Board has just approved Enbridge’s application to increase natural gas rates by 40% to offset the acquisition of additional supplies at the current open market prices. These rate changes will take into effect as of April 1st and are on an interim basis allowing them to be adjusted in future. These adjustments can occur as frequently as every three months when these suppliers submit applications. Union Gas and NRG who are also providers in Ontario have also filed similar applications for increases.

In  the wake of wide-scale increases across the industry consumers are left to figure out how to make sense of it and manage their own expenses. Heating your home is considered and essential need and as such not one that you can go without. Since heating and cooling makes up over 40 % of the costs of owning a home this may be a good time for consumers to start looking at ways to minimize their consumption at the source. Having your ducts sealed is the best way to improve your comfort and save energy in the process. Right now your furnace is losing on average 20-40 % of conditioned air through leaks in the ductwork meaning that this air never makes it to the rooms that need it most. Now some will argue that it’s still within the house so that shouldn’t matter however what good is the warm air that you’re paying to create doing you inside your walls and in your floor boards? It’s not of much use to you there at all and because of the leakages your furnace is being forced to run more often and longer to try to get the temperature up to where you want it. When you think about it logically it makes sense that you would want all of the warm air your paying to produce to get to the rooms of the home.

Just last week the Aeroseal system was featured in a segment on Ask This Old House where they went through the process of how a home is sealed and the benefits of sealing your ductwork. If you didn’t catch it be sure to check out our Video page for a direct link here.

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