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“If you don’t like your hydro bill, then it’s up to you to do something about it.” -Bob Chiarelli (Energy Minister)

Firm words from the government letting us know that we shouldn’t be expect them to step in an reduce energy prices. The responsibility has now fallen on individual home owners to take measures into their own hands. Amidst rising prices consumers are left wondering where to turn for answers.

The government has undertaken several initiatives to raise awareness about energy conservation and its benefits. The issue with energy is that as demand increases it also increases the cost to manufacture and deliver to the end user. Many consumers already restrict their usage when prices are highest during the day and tend to run more energy hungry appliances such as dryers on weekends and evenings when prices are low.

The usage of programmable thermostats is an excellent way to save money and are now very easy to setup and use. Save money by turning down the temperature a few degrees when no-one is home and then have it turn on just before you arrive back from work. This way you save money throughout the day and the home is still nice and warm by the time you get back.

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