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Are you noticing that certain rooms in your home are colder than the rest? Do you find yourself raising the temperature on your thermostat or layering up just to stay warm indoors? The extreme cold weather conditions we’ve faced this winter have made these problems worse. A major cause of this lack of comfort and cold room temperatures are due to leaks from holes in your ductwork.

These holes cause your warm air to escape into the ceiling and walls before it has a chance to get to your rooms. By sealing these holes you make sure that the warm air gets to where its needed most; your rooms. The leaks are present in all joints where two separate pieces of ductwork connect with each other and at the elbow joints where it changes directions and branches off from the main line. These hole exist because your ductwork is only held together by screws that on their own cannot come  close to forming an air tight seal.



These leaks may seem small but when combined together they result in a significant impact to the flow of air in your ductwork. Over the last two years of homes sealed in Ontario the average initial leakage encountered has been between 250-350 CFM which equates to a single hole between 45-65 square inches in size. With a hole of that size it should come as no surprise that you may be experiencing comfort issues in your home.

We can effectively reduce your leakage by at lest 85-90% in most cases. The difference in airflow will be felt immediately  as the hot air gets channeled to your rooms instead of being lost in between your walls, floorboards and ceilings. Another benefit will be that your furnace will operate less frequently and for shorter intervals of time resulting in additional savings on your utility bills.

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