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About Aeroseal

The Aeroseal® system is a patented duct sealing process that works by tackling the issue of leaks in the ductwork from the inside out. This unique approach is what makes us the only viable and effective method for sealing ductwork in either residential or commercial buildings. Imagine the costs associated with tearing down drywall to try to tackle the issue. Aeroseal allows you to seal all of the leaks located within finished walls and floors without any demolition required. We can typically bring down your leakage by 80-90%, which will drastically improve air flow to your rooms.

Home-owners know that there are leaks in their ductwork however unaware of the major impact it has on airflow and comfort. All of the holes in the system add up and the resulting total duct leakage figures are very important. It is estimated that on average 20-40% of airflow never reaches your rooms as a result of duct leakage. With the Aeroseal® system we are effectively able to seal the leaks in your ductwork allowing air to reach its intended destination.

The main benefits of having your ducts sealed are that it:

  • Restores comfort to your home

  • Improves indoor air quality

  • Reduces heating/cooling costs

Comfort is restored by allowing your ductwork to channel airflow efficiently throughout the house. By ensuring the conditioned air gets to the room you’re going to feel more comfortable. Most homeowners increase the temperature on their thermostat to compensate however what ends up happening is the rest of the house becomes uncomfortable and unbalanced. Once the ductwork is sealed the home will see more stable temperatures between floors and different rooms.

Would you be suprised to learn that the quality of the air we breathe indoors is far worse than of the air in the middle of a crowded downtown intersection. An alarming fact considering the amount of pollution and carbon emissions being released by vehicles. This is due to the stale air that is found in wall cavities, floorboards ceilings and crawlspaces. The very same holes that allows air to leak out also acts as an entry for air to get back into the ductwork. By sealing your ductwork you taking the first step in improving the indoor air quality of your home.

Heating and Cooling costs make up close to 60% of maintenance costs for homeowners. With 20-40% of the air you’re paying to heat or cool escaping before it gets to the room your your HVAC units are forced to operate for longer intervals and more frequently. Based on your initial leakage and the size of your home you can expect to save anywhere between 10-15% off your utility bills. With the recent increase in natural gas prices these types of cost savings measures are made even more effective. A typical home can expect to see a break even point in as early as 3-5 years without considering the intangible comfort and air quality benefits.

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